Driver Module

The Driver Module is for all employees working at customer site on orders. In most cases they will drive Service Cars, but that’s not a requirement.

Drivers get their work orders pushed onto the device from the Dispatcher. The Dispatcher gets new orders from the Office. Drivers are reporting their locations and states – something like ‘arrived at customer site’, ‘order finished’, …

  • List of WorkOrders
    • Quantity, Material
    • get Signature
    • get Cash
  • Status
    • arrived
    • working
    • waiting
    • finished
    • problem
  • Map
    • each Order
    • Overview of Orders
    • navigate to… (get Route)

Dispatchers can see the current locations on a Map to make it easy to decide which Driver per ex. can do an Emergency Order.

Work orders are pushed between Devices and Driver will be notified that a new Order arrived or so.

Drivers record their labour time, add parts to the work order and – if this is a usecase for you – also get cash from customers.

using a modern architecture based on BlackBerry 10 together with BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) and Push Services you can solve workflows in a flexible way and react in seconds if something happened (Order needs too much time, Car is defect, …)

Use all the multimedia to get more informations to have satisfied customers:

  • take pictures to document work done or how it looks before
  • take a video
  • add audio or notes

and use all the apps to make life easier for your employees:

  • BBM Video to take a look at the work
  • BBM Screen sharing if Driver needs help

SerCar 10 is a new dimension of Order Management applications for small businesses.