Office Module

The Office Module is the central point of most workflows:

  • Adding new orders coming in from customers
  • managing the prices
  • managing stock item list
  • managing the rules of pricing
  • creating, editing and synchronizing Contacts, Calendars and more

Order Entry:

  • Customer / Management Company
  • Site Address
  • Workorder No (Customer)
  • Description
  • Notes
  • Date and Time
  • Priority
  • Ordered By
  • Site Contact
  • Cash y/n

From the Office also the rights and roles of employees are managed, so the application knows who’s allowed to push …

Office also verifies Invoices if Driver has to get Cash from customer or sends out Invoices of Orders done.

SerCar 10 makes it easy to do all the administrative work without the need of a special IT department.
If you want to get the extra security on top, you can install a BES10 BlackBerry Enterprise Server to make it easier to manage all devices and to use BlackBerry Balance to have private and work perimeters on the devices. It’s up to you what you want to do.

All data on the device itself is cached into the secure application sandbox.