Basic Module

The Basic Module is the core of the application and manages navigation through the application, login, communication with others and also checks which modules are available on the device and if they’re paid or not.

Every user of SerCar 10 needs this Basic Module.

If a user per ex. is Driver and Dispatcher, then on the BlackBerry 10 device you should download three ‘applications’: Basic, Driver and Dispatcher.

Modules like Driver and Dispatcher cannot run by itself – they have to be started from the Basic Module.

If a user starts the Driver Module, then the Driver Module will immediately open the  Basic Module and stop itself. So for the user all works the same.

Under the hood the magic is done by BlackBerry 10 Invocation Framework.

If the Basic Module is missing on the Device, then the Driver Module will directly open BlackBerry World where the user only has to click “Download”.

With BlackBerry 10 even such complexe modular applications are easy to use.