Dispatcher Module

The Dispatcher is dispatching WorkOrders and pushing them to Drivers.

  • Dispatcher
    • List of WorkOrders
      • Priority
      • Location (Site address)
    • List of Cars
      • current position
      • last sent state
    • scheduling
      • next day – work orders
      • adHoc urgent orders
    • push orders to Cars


The Dispatcher gets new orders from the Office. Drivers are reporting their locations and states – something like ‘arrived at customer site’, ‘order finished’, …

Dispatchers can see the current locations on a Map to make it easy to decide which Driver per ex. can do an Emergency Order. So Dispatchers can make a regular schedule for the next day or they can re-arrange current plans.

Because all information is sent around using BBM and/or Push Services it’s immediately available and enables even small companies to get work done in a quality way.

No one can forget to send the information, because the application is doing it for you. No one has to take phone calls to ask about the state, because all important states are sent by SerCar 10.

Employees can have multiple roles, so a Dispatcher can also be a Driver – using BlackBerry 10 it doesn’t matter if he/she is on-the-road: important decisions can be done the mobile way !