Where’s the data

SerCar 10 uses all the built-in features of BlackBerry 10 making it easy to get your workflows done.

Data can be pushed between two devices using BlackBerry 10 Push Services, where up to 8 KB data can be sent.

There’s also communication using BBM, where data can be transported.

BBM and Push allows SerCar 10 to provide a speedway to get things done immediately.

If you’re using BlackBerry 10 Remember with Evernote you can integrate this into SerCar 10 and store all Notes, Audio, Images, Video inside a specific Notebook which will be synchronized to your desktop pc’s.

SerCar 10 also uses Cloud Services: you can integrate Box or OpenDataSpace as your service. Box is integrated into the native BlackBerry 10 OS and can be used as if files were stored locally. OpenDataSpace provides upload / download of data using BlackBerry 10 InvocationFramework.

All data like ‘Orders done’, ‘Messages sent’, ‘GPS tracked’ will be stored in the cloud service you have choosen in JSON format and you’re free to use this from other applications on the desktop. There will also be some utilities by us to move this data to a MySQL or print reports / statistics.

Some more detailed workflow – descriptions will follow.