Costs and Limitations

SerCar 10 currently runs only on BlackBerry 10 devices !

In 2015 SerCar 10 will also support iOS 8 in Secure Workspace.

If you want to use a Browser – based Desktop Application for order entry, we can do this – but then you don’t have BBM integrated into order entry process. We prefer a BlackBerry 10 connected via HDMI to a large Monitor and via Bluetooth to a Keyboard.

SerCar 10 is created for companies with 1 … 20 ServiceCars / Service Employees out there.

You don’t need an own server, but if you like to get the exta security of BlackBerry Balance (with different perimeters for work and private) it’s a good idea to install a BES 10 – BlackBerry Server)

SerCar10 caches your data in your BlackBerry 10 Cloud Account (Box, OpenDataSpace, …) so all your BlackBerry 10 devices can access and share and it’s also easy for you from desktop apps to analyze, archive or import into other apps / databases.

SerCar 10 prices are easy to understand:

  • Every employee needs the Basic Module.
  • Then add the modules you need your each employee.
  • All modules have a FREE first month, so you can try it out
  • As long as you’re using the module you have to pay a monthly fee beginning 2nd month
  • If you delete a module from your device, no more payments for this module.

It’s recommended to get a training, but you can also try to start without.

You’ll get the description and structure of data you must provide, per ex. for Stock Items etc. or we can do this as a service for you.

If the work-order pricing-rules fit your needs – that’s fine for you – if not, we can develop and add your pricing model.

Here’s the pricelist and some sample configurations:

Module Prices


Each Module has a monthly fee, where the 1st month is FREE. The basic application itself also is for FREE, so you can download from BlackBerry World without any risk.

Driver, Office, Dispatcher, Management, Sales are not for free – you have to pay. But again no risk: You can try out one month without paying anything. While trying out the modules the first month they’re fully working with your real data.

Customer Orders is for FREE – you can give this APP to your valuable customers to enable them to send orders with one touch.

Now let’s take a look at some examples how much you have to pay per month – remember: the 1st month always is FREE.

small company with 4 employees

One employee in the Office / Order-Entry, one employee working as Dispatcher and Management and two Drivers:


You have to pay 57 US $ per month, which means service costs are 684 US $ per year.

company with 9 employees

Again one employee in the Office, one Dispatcher also working as Driver, five more Drivers, one from Management and one Sales person:


In this case the monthly costs are 102 US $ (1224 US $ per year)

company with some more drivers out there and 12 employees

In this scenario we have 8 Driver, two Dispatcher, two Sales and the Office:


Even for this configuration there are monthly service fees of only 144 US $ (1728 US $ per year)

Get a modern ERP 2 Go for only 10 € per month

If you take a look at the example configurations you see that you pay around 12 US $ per employee per month (or something like 10 € per employee per month) and you’ll get a modern mobile ERP solution !

All payments are done through BlackBerry World (Carrier bill, creditcard, PayPal) with no extra costs for you. Prices will be calculated into your currency by BlackBerry World.

If you change the BlackBerry phone of an employee – no problem: all apps are bound to the individual BlackBerry ID and you can download and continue to use them on your new phone.

maintenace, updates

Application maintenance, Updates, new Features… all is included with the monthly service fees. And remember: you only pay what you’re using and you can stop each month.

Individual Components

If you have specific needs, we can develop individual components for you – please feel free to ask.

Trainings, Workshops, Webcasts

We help you to master the application and different workflows. You can book trainings.