BlackBerry 10

ServiceCar 10 is built on top of  BlackBerry 10 OS 10.3.

ServiceCar 10 supports

  • BlackBerry Passport
  • BlackBerry Classic (as soon as it becomes public)
  • Toch Devices like the Z10, Z3, Z30 (as soon as OS 10.3.1 is available)
  • Keyboard Devices like the Q5, Q10(as soon as OS 10.3.1 is available)

All Applications / Modules are running perfect on both models. The new virtual keyboard of Touch Devices is really cool, but in dirty environments we prefer the physical keyboard.

ServiceCar 10 is deeply integrated with native APPs:

  • Messages from the driver are going directly to the Message Hub
  • BBB is integrated, so it’s only a fingertip to connect with the right person via BBM
  • Foursquare can be integrated if your customer sites exists as venue and you want to use Foursquare’s Check-in
  • Remember APP (Evernote) is used for notes, audio, … you want to add to your orders
  • Contacts are used for Customers, Site addresses
  • BlackBerry Map is integrated to give easy access to the site location and driving route (Navigation)
  • BBM Screensharing helps your emplyees to getting help if they’re in trouble
  • BBM Video helps your employees if they need support in difficult situations
  • Camera enables drivers to add images or video to work order
  • Calendar alerts reminds on important events
  • Push Services allow immediately to transfer Work orders between Office, Dispatcher and Driver and also to push status messages from Driver

… and all with a secure device from BlackBerry  !

BlackBerry 10 devices support HDMI and Bluetooth, so your Order Entry can be done from BlackBerry 10: simply connect the device with a HDMI Monitor and Bluetooth Keyboard ! No gap anymore between Desktop and mobile devices if using BBM, Push and more.l

SerCar 10 is a new generation of business software enabling small business to work like never before.